We offer Adventure Based Experiential Learning (ABEL) Programs to help unlock each person’s potential, by providing sequenced opportunities to challenge themselves all whilst in a safe and fun environment.

ABEL takes your team on a journey of self-discovery to facilitate your desired outcomes, such as communication skills and team building. Each aspect of the program is designed to draw on the previous challenge, giving individuals a safe space to actively participate and engage on a physical, social, mental and emotional level.

Whether it is just needing some activities to do, or a half or full day program to compliment your own program, speak to us and we will create just the right adventure for you. Please note, all Lyrebird Park facilitated activities are optional with an additional charge.

All the activities we have onsite will require adult supervision throughout your stay. For all Lyrebird Park staff facilitated activities, we will work with you to tailor a program to work with your needs and budget. These activities can be setup as fun activity stations or we can develop an ABEL Program to achieve your desired outcomes.

When undertaking the ABEL Program, you will:

Extend Yourself & Your Team

Develop self esteem and confidence, learn to work together in achieving impossible goals

Gain Insights

Deeper understanding of yourself and your team’s strengths, personalities and emotions

Have Fun!

Use these mental, physical, emotional and fun challenges to help you be successful in life!

Are you leaving behind untapped opportunities for your team’s greater success?

Establish deep connections within your team, lead better, and achieve greater organisational success.